Monday, June 21, 2010

Controlling Your Ex! The Secret To Controlling The Break Up

Have you been pushing your ex further and further away? Its ok, because i am about to teach you this technique i learned from The Magic Of Making Up. This one technique is the best way to make your ex come back. Not only that but it will allow you to make your ex do what ever you want them to do when you know how to apply this to your break up. TW Jackson is the author of The Magic Of Making Up system.

Did you know that you can take control of the break up and make your ex do anything you tell them to do. Listen, I know how to make your ex come running back to you when ever you feel like it and make them call you. This technique i will show you is not known by everybody so keep it to your self.

See, right now your expects you to beg, plead, and to call them all the time. This gives your ex control and you are the one that wants to be in control of the break up. If you want to regain control of the break up stop contacting them for at least 3 weeks and let them call you. After enough time has passed your ex will wounder why you stopped calling them and they will call you. The Magic Of Making Up review will tell you all kinds of great tips to win your lover back.

Once they decide to call you then you regain some control over the break up. The how to get her back for good book can teach you more techniques to make this happen. Now you know your ex wants to talk to you when they call and then you will have the power to do what ever you want with the phone call. When your ex calls you then you need to continue taking more control of the situation. this is how to get your ex boyfriend back or you could even use this to learn how to get your ex girlfriend back fast by applying this amazing methods.

If you want this to work make sure when your ex calls you say this...

Hey, its good to hear from you. Nice to know your doing good. I can not really talk any time soon. I have things to do tonight with one of my best friends. If i have time i will call you back in a few days.

When you say this it tells your ex that you could be possible seeing someone else because you told your ex lover you would be seeing a special friend. Not only that but now your ex has to wait to talk to you because you did not let them talk. Now your ex really wants to finish the conversation because they think you could be dating someone else and they have to wait for you to call them back.

Your ex is wondering who this really close friend is, what your doing with them, and maybe breaking up with you was a mistake.This is the best way to get your ex back fast because now your in the driver seat. You now have your ex feeling desperate. By doing this you are taking control of your ex and now you can decide what happens next. Thomas Trumen articles right here for some more great break up advice to make you lover fall madly in love with you once again. All you need is a few of this tactics.

In order to get them back you have to make them care about you again and you do this by making sure you give them space. If you need more advice then check my Ex Back Formula scam free review to learn more about giving your ex space. The more space you give the more your ex will have a hard time trying to stop thinking about you. Just by giving your ex space they may tell you they are willing to commit again.


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